18 Braddock Road 


Engineered for Luxury

The 12x12  master bedrooms features a spacious built-in closet.  The clean and modern color palette is enhanced by natural light. The four bedroom suite features tiled floors,  a cooking island, oak doors and cabinets, washer and dryer, sound resistant dividing walls and floors.  The living room, dining room, and kitchen are well-connected yet feel absolutely spacious with 2 full bathrooms each with its own soaking tub. 

Our homes are built to keep energy costs down and improve indoor air quality.  Evergreen buildings are energy efficient. We will cover all of your utilities.  In the length of a year, you will typically spend less on housing at Evergreen then you would at other off-campus housing. Most student housing is not equipped to keep energy costs low, and students are often shocked at the cost of utility bills. At Evergreen, we aim to save you money!